The Vyne


Time Period:

The Vyne, near Basingstoke, used to be a lot bigger than it is today. Originally built in the Tudor times by William Sandys, Lord Chamberlain to King Henry VIII, it was reduced in size by barrister and Speaker of the House of Commons, Chaloner Chute, in the Stuart era.

Top Story

In the Ante Chapel of The Vyne, you will see a very unique collection of truncheons. These clubs were used as weapons for the special constables employed to control local rioting labourers. The early 19th-century saw the introduction of the Corn Laws, which restricted imports of corn and,  combined with failed harvests, the price of corn rocketed. Great for the wealthy landowners; crippling for the working classes. Labourers around the country rioted, and Hampshire was no exception. Apparently 300-400 labourers marched on The Vyne but were stopped by soldiers in nearby Baghurst. Out of those involved, 20 labourers were arrested, 2 were hanged, and others were transported out of the country.

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Curious Discovery

Visit the gorgeous chapel in the house, and look at the stained glass windows. Do you know who is in the pictures? It is someone who had visited The Vyne on several occasions, and even prayed in this very chapel!