Royal Pavilion


Time Period:

The Royal Pavilion’s extravagant appearance reflects that of its owner, King George IV. This eastern-inspired palace was completed in 1823. By 1850, the palace had been sold to the town by Queen Victoria for £53,000, as she didn’t like Brighton

Top Story

The Prince Regent, then George, Prince of Wales, moved to Brighton in 1786 on the advice of his doctors. He soon turned his farmhouse lodgings into an opulent, Eastern-inspired palace. George became King George IV in 1820, but by 1821 he was already an unpopular monarch and embarrassed by his increasing weight, caused by his extravagant lifestyle. To avoid the gaze of his subjects for both of the reasons, George has a 60-metre long tunnel built under the estate so he could get to his stables unseen!

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Curious Discovery

Can you find out what the Royal Pavilion was used for during World War I? And what was the Great Kitchen used as, during this time?

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