Osterley Park & House


Time Period:

Osterley Park in Isleworth had humble beginnings as a Medieval farmhouse. In Tudor times, this was replaced by a brick house by Sir Thomas Gresham. The house was remodelled in Georgian times to the property we see today by Sir Francis Child, a wealthy banker.

Top Story

The Tudor brick house was built by Sir Thomas Gresham, who was a financial agent to the monarchy. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, he founded the first Royal Exchange in London in 1565. His emblem, the grasshopper, can be seen all around the area of the Royal Exchange even today!

Mary Grey, sister of the ‘nine days queen’ Lady Jane Grey (executed in 1554), lived at Osterley Park with Thomas and his wife during the 1570s, as he was charged with taking care of her. Thomas didn’t like this very much at all, and asked for her to be removed from the house!

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Curious Discovery

There’s something rather special about the design of the bed in the State Bedchamber. Can you figure out what it is?