Mayburgh Henge & King Arthur’s Round Table


Time Period:

Mayburgh Henge (built approx 4,500 years ago) and King Arthur’s Round Table (built between 2000 and 1000 BCE) are only a few hundred metres apart and are 2 of an original collection of three henges in this area of Cumbria. There is one remaining stone standing near the centre of Mayburgh Henge, but the earthworks of both henges remain.

Top Story

There is a legend about Mayburgh Henge – that in the 18th-century, two labourers removed some of the standing stones from the henge for building materials, and fell foul of a curse. One of the labourers went insane, and the other hanged himself!

In the 17th-century (maybe earlier), the henge now known as King Arthur’s Round Table became associated with, well, you guessed it, King Arthur! Some people thought that the (possibly mythical) Arthur jousted here.

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Curious Discovery

King Arthur’s Round Table used to have 2 entrances, one at the South East, and the other at the North West of the henge. The North-West Entrance is no longer there. Do you know why?