Ightham Mote


Time Period:

Ightham Mote (pronounced ‘Item Moat’) is a Medieval moated manor house in Sevenoaks. No one is sure who first built it, but the estate has had several owners with connections to the monarchy. The house itself has been added to and changed over the centuries. It was given to the National Trust in 1985.

Top Story

Robert Cawne inherited Ightham Mote in the 1370s, but later he was sent to the Tower of London for trying to kill his wife by throwing her down a well! He was later pardoned by the King.

In 1890, Sir Thomas Colyer Ferguson bought the house and made a few changes, including changing a workshop into a billiard room. In this room, you’ll find a door that opens directly onto the moat which is thought to have been for people to take a pee in the water below! 

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Curious Discovery

In the central courtyard, you’ll find a special little Victorian ‘house’, that is the only grade 1 listed of its kind in the world. Who was the house for? 

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