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Helping families find historical places to visit

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At Go History, we think that history is awesome and we want you, history explorer, to feel some of that awesomeness! History is full of amazing stories that shock, amuse and completely bemuse, and we believe that the best way to explore all of that is by going to historical places – stepping through where people hundreds, if not thousands of years ago, walked, worked, and lived, and being in the places where love blossomed, betrayal happened, disaster struck, and discoveries were made.

Your Go History journey starts with your passport. This is your record of all the wonderful historical places you visit. Once you’ve chosen somewhere to go, read the ‘Top Story’ and the ‘Curious Discovery’ before you get there. After your amazing adventure, fill out a sticker and pop it in your passport. You can also reflect on your trip using the post-visit sheets, and access activities and links.

So go ahead! Get planning your next history trip using the tools below.

Go History!