Top Story

Each page for a historical location has the coolest stories to excite your young ones and give them focus for their visit.

Curious Discovery

Each historical site page has an interesting highlight for your young person to discover on-site, encouraging curiosity and exploration.

Reflection & Reward

There are links to post-visit reflection sheets and activities to extend your young person’s learning. Go History provides a variety of post-visit sheets and blank badges to cut out and stick in their very own Go History Passport. There are also certificates to collect once their passports are full.

Hello – we’re the Beston family and we think history is awesome!

I love to take my family (2 home educated boys) to historical places, and I find that if I give the kids a little tempting story about somewhere before we go they are a) more likely to want to go, and b) more curious when then get there.

So, for you (and for me!), I research historical places, and on each historical location’s page I’ve put the coolest stories to read before you go, plus a highlight to discover on-site and links to further information and activities. I have also created more extensive pre-visit information sheets for some of the sites, and you can find these on the page too, if applicable. 

In addition, I’ve created a ‘Go History Passport‘ that your young person can print out, make, and fill with reward badges after your visit. Once a passport has been filled with badges, you can download a certificate. There are 7 to collect. Your young person can extend their learning by using the post-visit sheets. These encourage reflection in a variety of ways, and there are several to choose from.

We hope you enjoy using Go History as much as we have, and that your young ones are tempted and excited by the information I’ve gathered on this website.