We believe that presenting young people with information about a historical place before they visit will encourage more curiosity and willingness to explore. Go History provides easy-to-digest pre-visit information sheets filled with facts and fun questions for over 70 historical places in England. You can download these in written or audio format.


We believe that by providing
pre-visit information about a historical place, young people have more freedom to explore in their own way, at their own pace. We find that it helps parents get more out of the trip too!

Reflection & Reward

We believe that young people respond well to reward and that post-visit reflection helps them to retain information and promotes further discussion. Go History provides a variety of post-visit sheets and badges to cut out and stick in their very own Go History Passport. There are also certificates to collect once their passports are full.

Hello – we’re the Beston family and we think history is awesome!

I love to take my family (2 home educated boys) to historical places. But in the past, there was a problem: the kids (being kids) wanted to move quickly, which didn’t give me any time to read and learn about the place we were visiting. In turn, I couldn’t teach the kids about it either. This made me feel somewhat frustrated and deflated  (frusflated?!). So I created a solution!

Now, I research historical places before we visit, and put the key information (along with interesting and fun titbits) into a pre-visit note sheet. The pages have illustrations, engaging multiple-choice questions, and facts about the location, which the family read or listen to before arriving (very often in the car park!). 

Reading the information sheets before we visit means we have context and knowledge when we arrive, and this really helps us to:

  • Engage more with the site
  • Learn about history in a fun and easy way
  • Relax about our pace through the location
  • Keep an eye on the kids
  • Allow the children to have an adventure without being restricted by us adults stopping to read every sign.

I’ve spent many hours creating these information sheets for my family, and I wanted to share them with others so that more families can get the benefit from them. I’ve done the research, I’ve put the information together in an easy-to-read and fun way, all you have to do is download, read, and visit (These information sheets are also available as audio to stream or download). 

In addition, I’ve created a ‘Go History Passport‘ that your young person can print out, make, and fill with reward badges after your visit. Once a passport has been filled with badges, you can download a certificate. There are 7 to collect. Your young person can extend their learning by using the post-visit sheets. These encourage reflection in a variety of ways, and there are several to choose from. Also included with each historical location is a list of additional activities that can be done before or after a trip.

Go History Objectives

🌈To help families access historical information about places.
🌈To enhance young people’s visits to historical sites by providing historical information.
🌈To foster enthusiasm and interest in history for young people.
🌈To encourage more visits by young people and families to historical sites.

We hope you enjoy using Go History as much as we have, and that they give your historical days out more context, knowledge and fun!