Helping families find historical places to visit


Go History has a database of over 90 historical places in England, each tagged with its time period, location, and website. In addition, you can find the most interesting stories to spark the curiosity of your young person and get them excited for their trip.


Each entry also has something to discover whilst you and your family are at the historical place you are visiting. Some places will have activities and trails for children, but at un-staffed locations, a little something to discover and direct attention can make all the difference in keeping children motivated.

Reflection & Reward

We believe that young people respond well to reward, and that post-visit reflection helps them to retain information and promotes further discussion. Go History provides a variety of post-visit sheets and stickers to cut out and glue in their very own Go History Passport. There are also certificates to collect once their passports are full.

In addition to access to the downloadable Go History Passport, historical site pages, post-visit sheets and certificates, you can find links for additional related activities for your young person to enjoy, and links to all the research used to compile the pages. Sign up to our newsletter to get the latest information about Go History. 

Please note, we are not affiliated with any historical place or organisation.

You can use the map below to see all of the historical sites we have added so far, with more being added regularly.

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